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In your own 4 walls you can explore the USA regardless of time and location. For a road trip through the United States of America, a recreational vehicle, the RV is an excellent choice and is even preferred by many tourists to the car and hotel variant.

The advantages that the cosiness of these street giants brings with it are not to be despised. No luggage carrying, no packing and unpacking, to stop by wherever you like.
Discover many campsites in magical places and always have everything you need with you.
The American campers and RVs of the rental car companies are, depending on the booking, highly comfortable and provide a pleasant driving experience on the wide highways.
The campsites are often close to city centres and have top sanitary and other leisure activities.
However, a trip through the USA with the RV is not necessarily inexpensive and it must be paid attention to much beforehand when renting, during use and when returning.

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During the main season (May-September), the demand for RVs and prices are very high. Therefore, plan and book early, compare the prices of the different rental companies and use any early bird discounts.

Select the right size of the RV for you. Decide on what you have planned.
Driving in large cities, a smaller ride is an advantage, as the traffic in American cities es can be confusing and the parking spaces for big vehicles are limited.

Each provider of rental motorhomes offers at the same time packages for miles and the most important utensils, such as bed linen, towels and dishes. With the mile packages, it is often worth comparing them to the unlimited miles. If you are planning longer trips, the package with the unlimited miles is almost always cheaper.

Check exactly which insurances and additional services you need and book them directly with the rental.

Check where you pick up the vehicle and where you want to return it. If the RV is delivered in a different state than it was rented, the company can charge a high one-way rental. The information can be found on the companies websites.


To pick up the RV, you need your ID, a current driver's license, a credit card and the voucher of the booking. Keep in mind that a deposit will be charged on the credit card, which is not debited.

Checks the vehicle for completeness and damages when taking over. If you notice something, please inform the responsible employee immediately and take photos of the relevant parts for the preservation of evidence.

Campsites are available throughout the U.S. in the most beautiful places with breathtaking views. Decide beforehand or spontaneously where you want to stay overnight. Most campsites cost between $10-$35 per night.
Here you will find beautiful and cheap campsites.

If you can't find a suitable place, you also have the opportunity to spend the night on supermarket parking lots in many cities. However, this is not allowed everywhere, as it is handled differently from city to city. Also pay attention to the safety of the area where the RV is parked. These parking lots are rarely guarded.

Important for parking on campsites: The RVs are all equipped with electronic parking assistance or camera. Nevertheless, we recommend that on passenger gets out and makes the briefing. Most damage often occurs to the roof, as trees can not bee seen from inside.

When returning the RV, the toilet and the sewage tank should be empty. Pay attention to the notes in the transfer protocol, tank regulation and return your camper as agreed, either fully refueled or empty.

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