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High Roller

Gambling is one of your great passions even with higher bets?
You've always wanted to go to Las Vegas, enjoy all the glittering VIP Benefits, but you're missing the right contacts?
The Las Vegas pilot and his experts got you covered, because in Las Vegas nothing is impossible!
We have the serious and correct contacts to the casinos and send your special wishes to the optimal contact person.

In Las Vegas, there are no limits for High Roller. Whether you're traveling in a private jet, the most expensive suites in the world in luxury hotels, star chefs, own butlers, VIP tickets for shows and much more.

Even if you've been to Las Vegas, have a contact or a favorite hotel on site, please contact us and we'll see if the Las Vegas pilot can upgrade your benefits yet.

If your budget isn't enough for the status of a high roller, but your bets are well above average, we'll help you find your perfect Casino Host, who personally takes care of you and stages everything you want on site for you.

Casino hosts have numerous ways to provide players with various services for free. From free nights and show tickets, restaurant visits at the expense of the house, up to arrival by private jet or pick-up at the airport with the hotel's own limousine.

The benefits and their height are of course related to the player's current and past bets in the casino.
The hosts not only take care of so-called Whales, the players with the highest turnovers, but also those players who visit the same hotel with slightly higher bets or more often.
With the large number of hotels, the competition between the resorts is now enormous, so that in Las Vegas it is also about customer loyalty and it is in the interest of the hotel that the customers come to the same hotel again and again and spend their entire stay there.

Are you unsure if you can be looked after by a host? Please contact us!
Thanks to our many years of experience in the casinos the Las Vegas Pilot can help and possibly make contact with the appropriate casino host.
However, please keep in mind that your sales must be assessed realistically and the casinos will not give anything away.

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