Attractions Las Vegas

Every Second is a Highlight

Las Vegas Daylife Attractions

Las Vegas has more to offer than sinful nightlife and wet pool parties.
The days in Sin City are also full of Entertainment and Highlights.
Whether it's the detail-loving architecture of the themed hotels, roller coasters rushing through resorts, Museums reporting on The History of Nevada, Art Exhibitions or Dolphins in the middle of the desert.
The possibilities in Las Vegas by day and by night exceed any imagination.
We introduce you to the Must Dos, the most famous spots and the most exciting attractions along the Las Vegas Strip from south to north.

Las Vegas Strip


From New York to Egypt and Beyond

The famous Hotels in Las Vegas are an attraction also the most biggest attractions.
The incredible buildings and attractions within the hotels, such as ancient Egypt at the Luxor Hotel, the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square at the Venetian Hotel or the many Roman statues and fountains at Caesar's Palace, create own worlds inside Sin City. Enjoy the melody during the Fontainnshow in front of the Bellagio or see the volcano erupting at the Mirage. Anyone who thinks that much is just "sham" will be surprised how high the quality of the authentic buildings is.
The Las Vegas pilot recommends not doing to much in one day. The hotel complexes are very large and spacious and are worth looking at the details.
For a day full of hotel sightseeing we recommend the following procedure as an example:

1. Start on southern Las Vegas Boulevard at New York, New York Hotel.
2. Along the strip to the City Center, to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.
3. To the adjacent Bellagio Hotel and the Fontain Show.
4. Explore the Caesar's Palace Hotel and the Forum Shops.

New York, New York


The most beautiful Garden in Vegas

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden, within the Bellagio Hotel is the epitome of a magnificent garden with flowers and plants of all kinds in a colourful and peaceful atmosphere.
Dreamy water games, bridges and ponds invite you to a relaxing walk through this very beautiful and popular photo motif, which more than 100 gardeners take care of every day.
The installations, changing almost weekly, are particularly frequented during American holidays, as the hotel interprets the lush plantings and buildings to match the respective event.
This area is of course decorated for the Holiday Season, the Christmas holidays.
Admission is free and the property is open 24 hours a day.

Las Vegas Downtown

The Fremont Street Experience

The player's paradise began on the legendary Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.
Today, Downtown is run in modernity with the Fremont Street Experience.
The original Las Vegas Strip was covered with a gigantic LED screen, on which light and music shows are shown daily, and the historic hotels and its entertainment were integrated into an indoor pedestrian zone.
Here are some of Las Vegas' most famous old casinos, such as Golden Nugget, 4 Queens or Golden Gate Hotel
Fremont Street offers are significantly cheaper than on the Las Vegas Strip.
New, modern hotels such as the Circa Hotel, excellent restaurants, trendy bars and some insider tips are located in Downtown, letting the visitor experience the old Las Vegas and yet a new era of Sin City**.

Welcome Sign

Fountains of the Bellagio

World famous and iconic

The Bellagio Hotel is best known for its fountain show, The Fountains of Bellagio, a gigantic computer-controlled water show in the artificial Comer Lake located in front of the hotel.
The more than 1200 nozzles of the fully automatic system shoot, between 3 pm and midnight every 30 minutes, to alternating music pieces the illuminated water over 450 ft into the height and move to the beat of the music.
Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley, Time To Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and All Night Long by Lionel Richie are just a selection of the classics to be heard here.
For a high fee, you can wish on your favorite song to which the water show takes place.

Shark Reef

Sharks in the middle of the desert

In the back of the golden Mandalay Bay Hotel, away from the casino and the hustle and bustle, you'll find Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.
Filled with 1.3 million gallons of seawater, the aquarium takes visitors through glass tunnels, passing and under shipwrecks, offering fascinating impressions and views of sharks and other sea creatures.
The impressive underwater world is home to more than 2,000 marine animals, including turtles, octopuses and piranhas.

Strip Boulevard

Bodies - The Exhibition

Anatomy at Luxor

Within the Luxor Hotel Bodies-The Exhibition the cult exhibition reveals the secrets of the human body.
The famous display of the exhibits shows real human bodies, their bone structure, muscle building, as well as over 250 organs and samples. It brings the viewer closer to his own anatomy.
Already 15 million visitors worldwide have seen the impressive and instructive exhibition.

Get your tickets

Welcome Sign

High Roller

The biggest Ferris Wheel at The LinQ

The High Roller Observation Wheel is currently the largest Ferris wheel in the world at 550 ft.
Connected to the new, exciting outdoor promenade and the The LinQ Hotel and Casino, the entire area offers an excellent spot for a dayout directly on the Las Vegas Strip.
With an impressive 360 degree view over Las Vegas in the futuristic-looking cabins, you can admire in a 30 minute wheel turn Sin City from above.
The round cabins are equipped with open bars, so that even during the trip cool drinks are served, accompanied by music.
From weddings to bachelor parties, as a daylight highlight or simply as a warm-up for a successful night, everything is offered in the High Roller and can be booked beforehand.
The most spectacular view of the city is guaranteed at night when Las Vegas shines in full neon splendour.
The Ferris wheel is also a popular place for marriage proposals.

High Roller Observation Wheel

Titanic -The Artifact Exhibition-

The Luxor Hotel is an excellent destination for an extended day trip with its various attractions and theme of Egypt.
The exhibition Titanic -The Artifact Exhibition- at Luxor shows more than 300 exhibits, which were recovered from the wreck of the Titanic sunk in 1912.
A lot of information and stories about the accident and the passengers are reported.
Above the casino area of the Luxor Hotel, you can admire a replica of the main staircase of the luxury liner, known from the Titanic film with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, in original size on the over 21,500 sq. ft. exhibition**.


Welcome Sign

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

The Las Vegas Welcome Sign, located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, directly in front of Mc Carran International Airport,
welcomes its guests since 1959.
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, is the most popular photo motif in the city.
Meanwhile, there are marked parking bays near the famous sign, so you have enough time to get off and take the ultimate holiday photo.
On some days, however, it can get very crowded there.

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Grand Canal Shoppes

Shopping at Venetian

The Grand Canal Shoppes are among the largest shopping malls in Las Vegas with 875,000 sq. ft.
Inside the
Venetian Hotel exists an own world between luxurious boutiques including the Marcus Square, surrounded by selected Italian and international food & Beverage options, and Gondolas with trained opera singers driving through the artificial Grand Canal, along the approximately 200 shops.
Anyone who has ever been to Venice will be surprised by the
detail fidelity with which the individual monuments of the Italian longing goal were modelled.
All this is offered in the impressive architecture of Venice and under the artificial sky, which simulates within
4 hours a daily rhythm with all imaginable lighting conditions**.

TopGolf at MGM Grand

Future Golf

In 2016, the MGM Grand Hotel opened another Entertainment Sensation.
Top Golf at MGM Grand, a four-story, new complex on the hotel grounds, where golfers get their money's worth and many other amenities are offered.
Interactive golf with golf balls that digitally capture the progress of the game, surrounded by pools, cabanas and bars, framed in a stylish day club atmosphere.
Of course, Las Vegas has other excitingoffers for golfers.

Golf Course


Keep your eyes open

The MGM Grand Hotel offers all film, music and TV fans a real playground of entertainment. Hunger Games - The Exhibition-, a must see for all fans of the books and film series The Hunger Games.
The exhibition features the Original costumes and props, as well as interactive representations.
Accompanying Katniss Everdeen's on her path as a Mockingjay from District 12 to the Capitol.


Roller Coaster at New York, New York

For adrenaline junkies and all other passengers of the The Big Apple Coaster at New York, New York it goes around and above all through the hotel New York, New York in yellow New York Cabs, with more than 60 mp/h .
Including loops, screws and free fall, this Roller Coaster is in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, one of the craziest things the boulevard has to offer.
The entrance is located in the middle of the hotel and casino, tickets can be obtained from $19.

New York, New York

M&M's World

Heaven for M&M's Fans

Located on the South Strip, near the MGM Grand Hotel, M&M's World Las Vegas is a Must Do for every cutie and fan of the iconic chocolate drops.
Over 4 floors everything that was ever invented at M&M's is sold here, every conceivable merchandise.
From cups, plates, bed linen, T-shirts, toys to the bulging tubes with M&M's in all colours and flavors, which can be put together at your order.

Las Vegas

Coca Cola Store

A tribute to one of the biggest brands

With the Coca Cola Store Las Vegas right next to the M&M`s World Museum, near the MGM Grand Hotel, you find another united states brand boss.
Coca Cola, the dark lemonade that is indispensable in our world, celebrates its cult status here on different floors, shows its bottles and varieties from all over the world and of course also invites you to taste past, current and new varieties. In addition, the Coca Cola Store offers almost every merchandise product ever produced and tells the exciting story of the billion-dollar brand founded in Atlanta in 1892.

The Eiffel Tower

Paris in Las Vegas

The Eiffeltower at Paris, the 500 ft. high replica of the Paris Eiffel Tower, is located directly on Las Vegas Boulevard at the romantic Paris Hotel.
For a short visit, the observation deck on 460 ft above sea level is suitable, directly in front of Lake Como of the Bellagio Hotel and the famous fountain show.
Since the viewing platform can only hold about 40 people, there may be longer waiting times.
In the middle of the Eiffel Tower there is also an upscale restaurant, with French cuisine and breathtaking views of the Strip and the water games.
The Paris Hotel itself is also an absolute highlight on Las Vegas Boulevard** and features a detailed architecture and many exciting spots inspired by the French capital inside and outside the resort.

Paris Eiffel Tower

The Forum Shops

Shopping at Entertainment at Caesar's Palace

The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace, known as The Shopping Wonder of the World, connected to the Caesar's Palace Hotel, belong to the must do attractions of Las Vegas.
More than 160 shops and restaurants in a refined ambience are located on several floors, under an artificial sky adapted to the time of day.
Numerous luxury labels such as Louis Vuitton, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Christian Louboutin, Cartier, Hublot or Gucci can be found here in addition to impressive architecture with marble, Roman landmarks, various shows and an XXL seawater aquarium.

Caesar's Palace

In the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, at the paradisian Mirage Hotel you can experience a volcanic eruption every evening between 19:00 and 23:00!
The famous Volcano Show is one of the most popular stops on the Las Vegas Strip and is for free.
The erupting, artificial volcano spits the Lava consisting of water and red lights up to 130 ft in height,.
The interplay between dramatic music and the fire show is absolutely impressive and takes place every hour.

Mirage Volcano

Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at Mirage

Lions & Dolphins in peaceful coexistence

In the middle of the desert, right behind the Mirage Hotel, Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden waits for its guests.
In this wildlife habitat you can experience the offspring of the white tigers, lions and leopards up close.
Dolphins can also be seen playing in various basins.
Various tours and packages, including swimming with dolphins, can be booked in the Secret Gardens. Enter a magical garden full of palm trees and waterfalls where you can experience the partially extinction of animals.
Ticket prices start at $25.

Dolphins Mirage

Mob Museum

On the trail of Al Capon & Co.

The rise of Las Vegas is closely linked to the history of the mafia.
The Mob Museum tells the story of the city under the influence of the mafia.
Many pictures, videos and original artifacts give you an insight into the events of Al Capone and Co.. The museum also shows the fight against crime in Las Vegas and how it got rid of the mafia.
Exciting, instructive and mysterious the exhibition near Fremont Street guides you through history.
Under Las Vegas Pilot Insider Tips you will find more exciting information about the Mob Museum's offer, such as the Speakeasy Bar, below the exhibition.


Neon Museum

Sin Citys past Lights

The Neon Museum is just outside the hustle and bustle of the Strip.
Since its opening in 1996, it has been the last resting place of the old, dismantled neon advertisements from almost 100 years of Las Vegas.
The result is fancy photo motifs, which can be created with own cameras and be used for private use.
The museum opens daily at 4 p.m. and gives visitors the opportunity to marvel at the radiant neon artworks, shining in the dark until midnight .
The viewing of the large, repaired hotel advertisements of the legendary resorts such as: Stardust or Sands Hotel, make the past history of the city tangible.
The museum is also popular for private events and weddings.

Light Neon

Madame Taussaud’s


The World Famous Wax Figure Cabinet by Madame Taussaud's, can also be found in Las Vegas, right at the Venetian Hotel.
Countless stars of the music and film industry are on display.
Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Joe Montana, Shaq and many, many more can be seen.
Madame Taussaud's has come up with something special for the desert city. Sip a drink at the Hangover Bar with replicas of the cast of the movie, or take a souvenir photo with Mr. Viva Las Vegas himself, Elvis Presley.
Ticket prices start at $30.

Welcome Sign

The Strat

Fun above Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest detached building west of the Mississippi and the highest free-standing observation tower in the USA!
The integrated hotel
The Strat was renovated and reopened in 2019.
The upper tower rotates once within an hour around its own axis while you can dine inside the noble
Top of the World Restaurant, with gigantic views and adapted high prices.
Above the observation deck there is a true Mecca of
rides and adrenaline guarantors.
The Big Shot, a freefall tower that catapults the passengers 40 meters into the air, the open-air chain carousel, Insanity - The Ride, and the bungee jumping from the 106th floor, Sky Jump**, offered since 2010, make the hotel very popular with adventurous guests.

Las Vegas Strip

Zip Lines

Adrenaline rush with great views

For Adrenaline fans a ride with one of the various fast paced Zip Lines will give the special thrill in Las Vegas. On the roof of the Rio Hotel,
at the Fremont Street and also over the promenade of the High Roller, at the hotel The LinQ guests are shot at high speed through the air.

Vegas Night

Adventuredome at Circus, Circus


The Adventure Dome, built directly inside the Circus, Circus Hotel, is still the largest indoor amusement park in the world.
The fairground, which is located in the hotel with 355,209 sq ft., entertains its guests with roller coasters, car scooters, many other rides and the typical fair games such as can throwing, horse racing and much more
Admission is free, the 25 rides are paid for individually.
Although most of the attractions are suitable for children, adults will also get their money's worth here.