Airport Shuttle

From Mc Carran to your Hotel

There are several ways to reach your hotel after landing at Mc Carran International Airport in Las Vegas. The cheapest, but also the most uncomfortable and longest way is to use the
Bus, The Deuce.
The easiest and affordable solution is choosing a taxi or Uber. A Taxi as well as Uber and Lyft can be found at the exit of the airport.
Uber and Lyft have been competing with taxis in the U.S. in recent years.
The rides are usually cheaper, the cars maintained and the drivers often provide their guests with free refreshments.

Of course, your vacation in Las Vegas can start a bit more luxurious and you can drive to the hotel with a booked limousine.
These luxury transfers are best booked in advance, as the driver is waiting for you directly at the exit. There are also other free limousine drivers who offer you the transfer for the spontaneous decision.

If you stay in a hotel off the Las Vegas Strip or in downtown on Fremont Street, they often offer free shuttle services.
Just ask your hotel when booking.
The same applies to hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, but mostly only if you have booked an expensive suite or package. For this you will be picked up free by a limousine.
Of course, you can also request this service when booking.