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If you are planning your trip to Las Vegas, you already know everything about the best hotels, cheap flights and the biggest shows thanks to the LasVegasPilot.
But did you know that the gaming metropolis is not only the absolute hot spot for parties and casino nights?
It is also the perfect starting point for day trips and spectacular excursions. Right at the gates of Las Vegas you can discover unique natural wonders and immerse yourself in the adventures of the desert region.

As your travel experts around Las Vegas, we recommend: Before you arrive in Sin City, find out about various excursions and destinations online.
Alternatively, you can also book day tours and trips to the outskirts of Las Vegas on site, but these are often more expensive than if you book tours in advance.
We give you an overview of the top destinations in the area.


Of course you have plenty of action and excitement in the City of Entertainment, not just at night
But don't miss the chance to experience one of the seven natural wonders live and stand right in front of the spectacular rock and natural landscape of the Grand Canyon.
The approximately 280 miles long canyon of the Grand Canyon National Park in the north of the US state Arizona, is only a day trip around 4 hours by car from Las Vegas.
You can either rent a car or book a journey by bus. And if you think you have an impressive view of the Las Vegas skyline in the evening, take a look at the rock formations of the canyon in the romantic light of a sun set.
If you need even more WOW, you should book a helicopter flight over the gorge.

We have the perfect LasVegasPilot tip for all adrenaline junkies: How about a walk over a 3,937 feet high glass bridge, directly above the canyon?
The view from the Grand Canyon Skywalk is hard to beat!

Grand Canyon Trip


What about a day in the valley of death? Sounds dangerous - but in reality it is exciting and fascinating!
About 125 miles from Las Vegas, in Death Valley National Park, is the hottest and driest region in North America. Death Valley is located in the very east of California and is a place of extremes in the Las Vegas area and in our opinion definitely worth a visit.
The desert landscape of Death Valley, which is up to 282 feet below sea level, reaches temperatures up to 116 degrees in summer.
The Death Valley holds the world record for the hottest place on earth. On July 10, 1913, 134,06 degrees were measured.
Despite the hot temperatures, the crowds of tourists insist on seeing the breathtaking natural phenomena just an hour and a half drive from Las Vegas: adventurers and nature fans alike can look forward to more than 1000 different plant species, colorful wasteland, snow-capped mountain peaks, sand dunes and wild canyons.

Death Valley Trip


Bryce Canyon is located at 7,874 meters in the south of the state of Utah. The national park is about 4 hours drive from Las Vegas and is one of the most impressive parks in the Southwest of the USA.
We at LasVegasPilot recommend this natural wonder to you! Bryce Canyon National Park is known for its pointed red rock pyramids, which are also called "Hoodoos". This national park can be easily visited as part of a day trip from Las Vegas.
Look forward to gigantic hiking trails and 13 great viewpoints along the 37 miles long panorama road.
Are you looking for an insider tip? Then try the eastern route of the Sevier River Scenic Backway. This 16 miles long gravel road leads along a river to the Tropic Reservoir at Bryce Canyon National Park and is not so busy!

Bryce Canyon Trip

Hoover Dam from Las Vegas

The world famous Hoover Dam, as its name suggests, is a huge dam only about 37 miles southeast of Las Vegas.
It dams the Colorado River, which forms the border between Arizona and Nevada. The Hoover Dam is the perfect destination for everyone who does not plan a lot of travel time from Las Vegas and still wants to experience the great nature around the casino metropolis.
With your LasVegasPilot you can find out about a day trip to the Hoover Dam in advance.


The states of California, Arizona and Utah, the whole state of Nevada and at least the city of Las Vegas, offer countless other top destinations.
Whether the breathtaking Grand Canyon in Arizona, a trip to the famous Hoover Dam or a road trip to other states with destinations like Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco:
If you start your trip to Las Vegas, many spectacular monuments await you outside the city.
The LasVegasPilot has explored and summarized the most beautiful and impressive places for you.

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